Higher Learning with ProModel!

It’s that time of year again… Back to School!  Many parents will be celebrating this joyous occasion very soon.   So it’s with the back to school spirit that we would like to provide you with a new and improved online library of our modeling and simulation resources as well as to remind you of our training and academic programs.  The ProModel Online Library includes a variety of documents, videos and links to customer success stories, testimonials as well as white papers and value propositions all related to simulation-based predictive analytics.  You can access the library from the links in this post, as well as from the “Quick Links” section in the footer of every page on www.promodel.com.

Where to find the online library

In addition, if you are looking for training be sure to check out the following resources:

It’s also back to school for professors as well, so if you want to provide a leading-edge simulation experience for your students, ProModel now has five unique academic packages including ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel, Process Simulator  and our new EPS (Enterprise Portfolio Simulator) module for project and portfolio planning.

Stop back next week to check out a blog post by our Director of Training Services to learn more about ProModel product training programs!

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