Join Our EPS Webinar and Learn How to Improve Your PPM Strategies

Kevin Jacobson – ProModel PPM Product Manager

Thursday, October 11 at 1:00 pm ET

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There are many discussions about PPM Maturity out there on the web.  All express a similar evolutionary understanding of the process.  Each discussion outlines the various steps to achieving PPM maturity and the complicated nature of what it takes to get there.  Most organizations have a tendency to get stuck somewhere between level 1 and level 2 of the maturity curve. A lot of the discussions try to match people, processes and technologies to the needs of the organization based on its industry culture and its current level of maturity.

But what happens as you move up a level, or as horrible as it may be, down a level?  What if its cost and time prohibitive to make a move?  Sometimes you need a tool that can take advantage of where you are right now. Something that isn’t so complex it takes months to implement and you have to change the way you conduct business in order to use it.  You need a technology that matches where you are now and where you might wind up in five years.

Join me, Kevin Jacobson, ProModel PPM Product Manager for a 45 minute webinar with David Higgins, Sr. Consultant for PPM related solutions, as we explain how you can use EPS (Enterprise Portfolio Simulator) to improve your PPM strategies RIGHT NOW!

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