Happy Holidays!

Keith Vadas

Keith Vadas – ProModel President & CEO

The ProModel family would like to wish everyone a very joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2014!  We thank you for all your support and business in 2013.  As always, our goal is to help you meet or exceed your performance goals.  We hope that our people and solutions were able to assist you in that endeavor this past year.

2013 was a banner year for ProModel as we celebrated 25 years of providing solutions that improve performance for companies and organizations all around the world.  We allowed ourselves a little time for celebration and reflection on this amazing milestone, but continued to keep up the pace with a host of new releases, updates, custom solutions and a brand new website.  Looking to the future, 2014 will be another exciting year as we plan to launch new products and improve our current solutions.

As for the next 25 years?  We’ll continue doing what we do best…developing innovative and collaborative predictive analytic solutions to help our customers make better decisions faster!

Thank you and I wish you and your families a happy holiday and joyful New Year.

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