Add Resources and Path Networks Right in AutoCAD with the Latest ProModel AutoCAD Edition

Aaron Nelson – Product Manager

On behalf of the ProModel Optimization Suite development team, I am really excited to bring you this latest release. The ProModel AutoCAD Edition now allows you to add Resources and the Path Networks on which they travel right in AutoCAD.  Then when you open the model in ProModel, it’s all right there for you to simulate immediately or add further logic.

The workers and the AGV in the gif below are all moving on path networks which were created in AutoCAD and then just opened in ProModel.

Additionally we have added some other enhancements to ProModel, MedModel and ProModel AutoCAD Edition including. See the Product “What’s New” pages for all the details.

  • Moved General Information to the Home Ribbon
  • Improvements with Write statements
  • Routing bounding box enhancements
  • Shift Carryover improvements

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