Please Vote for ProModel’s Autodesk University 2021 Class Proposals!

It’s that time of year already – time to vote for your favorite classes to be presented at virtual Autodesk University 2021 this fall. ProModel has submitted two proposals and we are asking for your help by voting for them.

This year you must have an Autodesk account to vote, so if you have one great, if not its free and easy and they offer many interesting learning resources in their library for just creating an account. You do not need to have any Autodesk products to create this free account.

Both of our proposals relate to our soon to be released, brand new ProModel AutoCAD Edition. This new product takes our current ProModel Autodesk Edition one step further since it is an actual plug-in to AutoCAD which allows you to not only build a model in AutoCAD, but then to actually simulate right in the AutoCAD environment as well.

Process Simulation In AutoCAD

We have submitted the following two proposals which need your votes!

INSTRUCTIONAL DEMO: Simulate In AutoCAD: Optimize Factory Layouts With ProModel AutoCAD Edition

This class is a how-to demonstration which will show how to actually build a model and simulate it directly in AutoCAD.

INDUSTRY TALK: New Simulation plug-in for AutoCAD Improves Facility Layouts and Processes

This class is more about the use cases, best practices, workflow, and the operational benefits and value gained from using the new plug-in.

Voting is Easy:

Click here to vote for the Instructional Demo by simply giving it a thumbs up once you are logged in.

Click here to vote for the Industry Talk by simply giving it a thumbs up once you are logged in.

If you do need to create an account first, go to, click on sign in and follow the create an account instructions, then vote!

Thanks very much for your consideration and your votes.

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