Having the Right Tools


Ellen Zohil – Technical Writer

Having the right tools and knowing where or how to get them, changes everything.  I remember the first year my husband and I moved into our new home.  The house came with an in-ground swimming pool which we were really excited about, however since we moved in September, we did not really get to enjoy it for the first year, only take care of it.  The first fall when we had to cover the pool with the very nice pool cover that also came with the house, my poor husband spent three hours attaching the spring loaded devices that connect to the concrete pool surround.  Three hours and he was exhausted!  Fortunately we did not think any more about it until that spring when it was time to re-open the pool.  We both were convinced that there had to be a better, easier way.  Fortunately my husband was working for a company that services pools and his pool servicing colleagues clued him into the special metal device that would have saved him incredible time and energy earlier that fall. Viola…from that point on, pool openings and closings have been a snap.

I learned a big lesson from that experience.  The right tools make every job so much easier.  Also, finding knowledgeable people who know what the right tools are and how to use them, makes a big difference too.  If I were venturing into the world of predictive analytics and looking for the right tools and the most experienced people, I would be fortunate enough to know that ProModel should be my source. ProModel was founded by someone who understood and developed simulation and analysis tools way before many other organizations were thinking about it. 25 years before!

ProModel’s people and its technology are focused on one area of expertise.  It takes a special talent to take the statistical understanding, combine it with the process knowledge and explain it to the business community.  In one article I read, these individuals are so hard to find they are even called unicorns.  So, If you are considering predictive analytics technology for your organization and you want the knowledge and expertise to help you select the right tools and teach you how to use them to your best advantage, ProModel is the right choice.  We have the right tools and the right people. We even have the unicorns!

One thought on “Having the Right Tools

  1. Good way you have put it Ellen. Any one including a child can understand why correct tools are important and that too if they are handled by proficient persons.
    Jai Shankar


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