ProModel Identity-Based License Entitlement Transition Procedure

We transitioned to a new, improved identity-based license entitlement system in 2020 for our ProModel / MedModel and Process Simulator products. Access to your software in the new system is based on creating your own login credentials consisting of your work email address as your username and a password that you define. If you access your software now by logging in then you have already made this transition. If you have not yet done so, please convert over at your earliest opportunity by using the one-time procedure below.

Rest assured, all of your existing models will continue to work. You are simply switching how you access your software!

The additional advantages to this new system include:

  • Ensure that you have the latest upgrades, improvements and techniques associated with your products.
  • Easily use your software on any computer.  Just install the software on an additional computer, log out of your primary computer and log back in on the additional computer.  No more terminating licenses, sending termination codes, resetting serial numbers etc.
  • Eliminates the need to track users and which serial numbers they have.
  • Access to the soon-to-be launched New ProModel Solutions Café.  We will be closing the current café shortly after the new one opens. 

The easiest way for you to transition is right through the prompt in the software.  This will work the same way for ProModel, MedModel and Process Simulator.

If you are using ProModel / MedModel any version prior to 10.3 or Process Simulator prior to 10.6 you will see a prompt like below:

If you are using ProModel / MedModel 10.3 and higher or Process Simulator 10.6 and higher you will see a prompt like one of these:

Download and install the upgrade by following the instruction wizard

After installing the software, you will see the Login Window. “Sign Up” by clicking the Sign Up link in the upper right corner of the login window, then follow the prompts from there.

Then you enter your email address as your user name and create a password of your choosing.

Next you will receive an email to verify your email address.

After clicking the link in the verification email, you will see a window that has a Request Code button. By clicking that button, you will receive a second email with an Auth Code. Copy that code and paste it back into the ProModel / MedModel or Process Simulator window, and a license will be granted.

After completing that first Sign Up process, whenever when you see the login window just login with your email address and password.

The license is for 1 use at a time. So, if you are planning on using a different computer, log out of ProModel / MedModel or Process Simulator before closing it. Just closing the application doesn’t log you out.

  • Log out of ProModel /MedModel by clicking File / About / Logout.
  • Log out of Process Simulator by clicking Help / About / Logout on the Process Simulator ribbon.

If you have any issues with the transition process, our Tech Support team will be more than happy to help you. You can contact them at 888-ProModel or

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