ProModel AutoCAD Edition Launch!

Aaron Nelson, ProModel AutoCAD Edition Product Manager

We are fired up to bring you the brand new ProModel AutoCAD Edition which allows you to build and simulate directly in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 or newer. This new AutoCAD plug in requires its own subscription license which you can purchase directly from the ProModel Store. For more details see the product webpage. You can also download a free evaluation version from the Autodesk App Store.

ProModel Ribbon Inside AutoCAD

Check out the short 2 minute overview video of how you can gain immediate value and below that a 6 minute demo video with an actual throughput improvement use case.

Below are some of the latest new features:

Logic is now accessible within flows. Both Processing and Routing.

  • Model Elements added to provide more granularity within the model environment.
    • Variables – Can be visibly added to layout and used anywhere in processing and routing as well as logic.
    • Attributes – Can be used anywhere in processing and routing as well as logic.
    • Macros – Can be used anywhere in processing and routing as well as in logic and scenario parameters.
  • Find and replace.
  • Added Send route capability – allow Entities to be sent to destinations based on logic conditions.
  • Added Join route capability – allow Entities to join together within the simulation.
  • Right click menu options for objects within the viewport. Allowing the user to navigate to where the model element is located within the Simulation Browser, or Simulation Properties.
  • German, Portuguese, and Spanish localization improvements
  • Improvements with validation
  • Light and Dark theme improvements
  • Conveyor Improvements
  • Arrival Improvements
  • Enhancements to how ProModel handles the AutoCAD view port
  • Improvements in undo/redo
  • Improvements to error catching

ProModel AutoCAD Edition – Evaluation Version available on the Autodesk App Store

  • A subscription to a lite version is available on the Autodesk App store for evaluation purposes.  At this time, it’s free for 6 months.  There is no obligation to continue the subscription or purchase the full version. It has limitations to features like Resources, Scenarios and Opening the model In ProModel.  Features are grayed out or have an indicator that the feature is only available in the full purchased version.

Let me know what you think of this new product in the comment box below!

Aaron Nelson – ProModel Product Manager

ProModel Identity-Based License Entitlement Transition Procedure

We transitioned to a new, improved identity-based license entitlement system in 2020 for our ProModel / MedModel and Process Simulator products. Access to your software in the new system is based on creating your own login credentials consisting of your work email address as your username and a password that you define. If you access your software now by logging in then you have already made this transition. If you have not yet done so, please convert over at your earliest opportunity by using the one-time procedure below.

Rest assured, all of your existing models will continue to work. You are simply switching how you access your software!

The additional advantages to this new system include:

  • Ensure that you have the latest upgrades, improvements and techniques associated with your products.
  • Easily use your software on any computer.  Just install the software on an additional computer, log out of your primary computer and log back in on the additional computer.  No more terminating licenses, sending termination codes, resetting serial numbers etc.
  • Eliminates the need to track users and which serial numbers they have.
  • Access to the soon-to-be launched New ProModel Solutions Café.  We will be closing the current café shortly after the new one opens. 

The easiest way for you to transition is right through the prompt in the software.  This will work the same way for ProModel, MedModel and Process Simulator.

If you are using ProModel / MedModel any version prior to 10.3 or Process Simulator prior to 10.6 you will see a prompt like below:

If you are using ProModel / MedModel 10.3 and higher or Process Simulator 10.6 and higher you will see a prompt like one of these:

Download and install the upgrade by following the instruction wizard

After installing the software, you will see the Login Window. “Sign Up” by clicking the Sign Up link in the upper right corner of the login window, then follow the prompts from there.

Then you enter your email address as your user name and create a password of your choosing.

Next you will receive an email to verify your email address.

After clicking the link in the verification email, you will see a window that has a Request Code button. By clicking that button, you will receive a second email with an Auth Code. Copy that code and paste it back into the ProModel / MedModel or Process Simulator window, and a license will be granted.

After completing that first Sign Up process, whenever when you see the login window just login with your email address and password.

The license is for 1 use at a time. So, if you are planning on using a different computer, log out of ProModel / MedModel or Process Simulator before closing it. Just closing the application doesn’t log you out.

  • Log out of ProModel /MedModel by clicking File / About / Logout.
  • Log out of Process Simulator by clicking Help / About / Logout on the Process Simulator ribbon.

If you have any issues with the transition process, our Tech Support team will be more than happy to help you. You can contact them at 888-ProModel or

Add Resources and Path Networks Right in AutoCAD with the Latest ProModel AutoCAD Edition

Aaron Nelson – Product Manager

On behalf of the ProModel Optimization Suite development team, I am really excited to bring you this latest release. The ProModel AutoCAD Edition now allows you to add Resources and the Path Networks on which they travel right in AutoCAD.  Then when you open the model in ProModel, it’s all right there for you to simulate immediately or add further logic.

The workers and the AGV in the gif below are all moving on path networks which were created in AutoCAD and then just opened in ProModel.

Additionally we have added some other enhancements to ProModel, MedModel and ProModel AutoCAD Edition including. See the Product “What’s New” pages for all the details.

  • Moved General Information to the Home Ribbon
  • Improvements with Write statements
  • Routing bounding box enhancements
  • Shift Carryover improvements

Latest Process Simulator and Process Simulator Autodesk Edition Updates

We are pleased to announce the latest updates to the Process Simulator and Process Simulator Autodesk Editions.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Improvements to window reload behavior (i.e. Scenario Manager window)
  • Improvements with add-in load behavior
  • Improvements with array stability when using 64-bit Office
  • Improvements with Output Viewer load speed
  • Licensing stability enhancements
  • Improved model error report
  • Updated localization

Material Handling and Autodesk Edition

  • Path Network refinement
  • Auto Orientation of Entities on Conveyors – users can now toggle on or off auto orientation of entities within Process Simulator Material Handling and Process Simulator Autodesk Edition

Download a 30-day evaluation of Process Simulator from the Process Simulator Eval Page

Download a 30-day evaluation of Process Simulator Autodesk Edition from the Autodesk App Store

Purchase a Process Simulator Autodesk Edition subscription from the new ProModel Online Store

Let us know what you think by leaving a reply below. Thanks!

Latest ProModel and MedModel Optimization Suite Updates

We are pleased to announce the latest updates to the ProModel and MedModel Optimization Suites and Autodesk Editions.

Auto orientation for entities graphics while on conveyors. Entities by default now rotate based on the orientation of the conveyor settings widthwise (right side of the entity graphic) or lengthwise (top of the entity graphic).

  • Improved functionality for background color changes while panning during simulation
  • Runtime errors improvements

Download a 30-day evaluation of ProModel Autodesk Edition from the Autodesk App Store.

Purchase a ProModel Autodesk Edition subscription from the new ProModel Online Store.

ProModel Autodesk Edition Release – Build Simulation Models Inside AutoCAD

Aaron Nelson Product Dev. Manager Process Simulator

Aaron Nelson Product Manager

I am excited to announce the latest release of the ProModel Autodesk Edition. With this release you can build to-scale simulation models directly in AutoCAD.  Start with a layout developed in AutoCAD utilizing the AutoCAD Factory Assets.  Then quickly create process flows by defining the travel paths for parts with simple clicks, then add process times or any special routing rules, there is no programming required to do this.

Next open the scaled model in ProModel right from the AutoCAD ribbon, finish adding any other simulation properties if necessary, then simulate and optimize the process in ProModel.  Finally, review your results in the Output Vewer, refine the layout as needed directly in AutoCAD and open up the revised model in ProModel. Once you have finished the design, you can then view it in 3D with Autodesk Inventor.

This short video provides a glimpse of the capabilities.  Download your 30-day evaluation copy from the Autodesk App Store.  View the rest of the release features at the ProModel Autodesk Edition Whats-New web page. Thanks for your continued business and support.  We wish you and your family good health!  Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the this new release in the comments section below .  Aaron

ProModel Layout in AutoCAD

ProModel model, built in AutoCAD



ProModel and Autodesk – Partners in Optimal Factory Design

Autodesk, the creator of AutoCAD® and Inventor® software, and ProModel have teamed up to bring you the best of both worlds of factory design and process optimization.  ProModel’s Process Simulator Autodesk Edition and ProModel Optimization Suite Autodesk Edition connect to Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Inventor, and Factory Design Utilities in order to streamline model building, process optimization and ultimately facility design.  You can get a 30-day evaluation version of both products from the Autodesk App Store

Process Simulator Autodesk Edition Eval

ProModel Optimization Suite Autodesk Edition Eval

Check out these great new Process Simulator Autodesk Edition videos:

Executive Overview – 2 min


Detailed Overview – 6 min


Product Launch – Process Simulator Material Handling Edition

Aaron Nelson Product Dev. Manager Process Simulator

Aaron Nelson Product Manager

I am excited to announce the launch of the Process Simulator Material Handling Edition. This edition of Process Simulator now supports modeling material flow.

Along with the drawing environment being scaled, you now will have access to Stations, Conveyors, Path Networks and Nodes.

Image_PCS MH MFG Demo Model

Stations – A new type of activity created to enhance material handling. The station can have capacity or capacity can be turned off—designed to be used with conveyors.

  • The user can insert an on-board station into a conveyor.



Conveyors – A new connector with properties to control how entities flow from activity to activity. Introducing stations in a conveyor will enhance the ability to control flow from conveyor to conveyor

  • Control speed of conveyors
  • Control distance of conveyors
  • Control orientation of entities
  • Control accumulation of entities



Path networks – Resource movement can be added to enhance your model with travel, pick up, and deposit time.



Material Handling usage in a manufacturing environment is obvious, but maybe not as obvious in a Healthcare Environment, but it can be valuable there too.  One example is delivering prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy to a pick-up point on each floor, from where they would be picked up and delivered to patient rooms.

Image_PCS MH HC Demo Model

You can see additional features on the Process Simulator Material Handling Edition webpage.  You can also watch our introductory webinar on how to use this new edition on the website refresher course page

Thanks for your continued business and support.  We wish you and your family good health!  Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the material handling functionality.



Visualizing your Shipyard with Shipyard AI

Shipyard AI, ProModel’s dedicated shipbuilding application, continues to evolve and develop new capabilities – With five software releases in 2019, desired improvements in shipyard capacity management, optimization, scheduling and process engineering have been realized.   In addition, there has been a heavy emphasis on improving management’s ability to visualize shipyard production at both the strategic and tactical levels, at a single glance.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Historically, Shipyard AI has provided solid data and process information in highly detailed representations.  The application has included the following key visualizations, which we’ve continued to refine and improve over the years.

The Laydown map provides a top-down view of the entire shipyard with animation showing the progress of ship construction over time.


Capacity Utilization Package (CUP) reports visualize resource utilization over time.


The Schedule screen features a Gantt chart representation of hull construction.


The Unit Template Tree report shows a hierarchical breakdown of a hull into its component grand blocks, blocks, panels, etc.


New Ways of Seeing the Shipyard

A recent emphasis on developing new types of visualizations is bearing fruit. This article introduces new ways of seeing the shipyard: the strategic Milestone Chart, the more tactical Location Resource View, and an updated Map Shapes editor.

Milestone Chart

A new Milestone Chart on the Hulls screen provides a strategic management view — visualizing the production of many hulls across long periods of time in a single view.

Image_SYAI Hulls Screen With Milestone Chart Nov 2019

Location Resource View

The Location Resource View report shows unit placements over time grouped by location.

This view allows you to interface with a unit and its dependencies in a single action, reducing the time needed and the possible introduction of errors. It provides a visualization of space in the shipyard over time to help you quickly make re-planning decisions.

Image_SYAI Location Resource View Report Nov 2019

Map Shape Editor

In an upcoming release, we’ll provide a map shapes editor to allow you to quickly add and edit unit shapes.

You can assign map shapes at the unit template level to have units appear on the Laydown Map with the correct shape.

Image_SYAI Map Shape Editor

See the What’s New Shipyard AI Webpage for more details on this year’s releases.

Process Simulator and ProModel Now Integrate with AutoCAD and Inventor by Autodesk

We are very excited to announce Process Simulator Autodesk® Edition and ProModel Autodesk® Edition.  Each product integrates with Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor® to provide you a more valuable manufacturing plant design and process improvement capability.

For more information about Process Simulator Autodesk Edition, including videos, a downloadable pdf, and a 30-day evaluation copy go to the Process Simulator Autodesk Edition webpage.

For more information about ProModel Autodesk Edition, including videos, a downloadable pdf, and a 30-day evaluation copy go to the ProModel Autodesk Edition webpage.

If you are at the Autodesk University event this week (11/19-11/21) in Las Vegas stop by booth MFG210 to get a live demo and talk to our team.