MedModel Demo: EMTs With or Without Defibrillators in a Rural Area

This is the second demo model in our series for 2016. This MedModel demo compares EMT’s without defibrillators to EMT’s with defibrillators.  It shows the impact on lives saved in a rural area.  To most closely approximate the travel time of EMT vehicles to each patient site, the road network is represented by stochastic distances from each vehicle’s station to various locations throughout the region.  In addition, the response curve representing the probability of survival for each patient given the time between onset of fibrillation and intervention is also reflected as a function of the time elapsed.  In the scenario with defibrillators, the time is calculated from the time of onset to the time the EMT vehicle arrives (assuming defibrillation is carried out immediately). The scenario without defibrillators, calculates the intervention time as the time between onset and arrival at a medical facility with a defibrillator.

The model represents 100 identical patients in both scenarios.  To use the model, you would run it and observe the values calculated on screen (probability of survival, number died, etc.).  When the simulation is completed, examine the time plot of the survival probabilities for both scenarios.  In our example, the geographic area covers a more rural region, therefore you will find the survival probabilities are not very good.

These and many other solution videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

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